Oil field sewage tank

♦Basic Features

1、 No need for transportation and easy installation

2、 Large volume: the maximum winding diameter can reach 25m, and the maximum volume can reach 5000m3;

3、High strength of the tank: spiral winding and circumferential winding to ensure the bidirectional strength and overall performance of the product;

4、 The overall interlaminar shear strength, flexural strength, creep resistance, wind resistance and shock resistance of the tank products are improved.


♦Product specifications

1、 diameter:DN1 000—25000

2、 volume: 1-5000m3

3、Pressure: atmospheric pressure


♦Scope of application


1、 Oil storage tank

2、 Oil field sewage tank

3、Various types of storage tanks for chemical industry

4、 Environmentally friendly power wave system

5、 Resistant to corrosion of various acids, bases, salts and organic solvents