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Fiberglass Line Pipes

Fiberglass line pipes include high-pressure fiberglass line pipe and Low-pressure Fiberglass line pipes.

Low pressure fiberglass line pipe

Low-pressure GRP line pipes are manufactured by winding techniques using glass fiber and its products as the reinforcing materials and using thermosetting resin like unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resin as the base materials.

DN50-DN2000; Pressure grating: 0-6.9MPa;

It can be designed and produced according to customer's demands. Product Standards

API Spec 15LR-2001 Specification for Low-Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe and Fittings

High pressure fiberglass line pipe

The high-pressure fiberglass line pipes is made of glass fiber roving as reinforcement, epoxy resin as the matrix material, molded by winding.

Diameter: DN40-DN900;

Pressure rating: 3.45MPa- 34.5MPa.

Product Standards: API Spec 15HR-2016 High-Pressure Glass Fiber Piping