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High pressure fiberglass line pipe

Model Number

Serial: FGS-API-15HR-LP


High Pressure fiberglass line pipe is a new, toxic-free and environment-friendly pipe substituting corrugated tube, armored tube and ordinary sand-added glass-reinforced plastic pipe. leading in the world, it has effectively eliminated the disadvantages of small caliber, low resistance to impact and low production efficiency and slow construction for armored tube, and high weight and cost for installation for glass-reinforced plastic pipe.

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Production Scope

Diameter: DN40-DN900;

Pressure rating: 3.45MPa- 34.5MPa.

Product Standards: API Spec 15HR-2016 High Pressure Glass Fiber Piping

Specification: SY/T 6267-2006 High pressure Glass Fiber Pipe Code

Applications:Oil, gas, water mixture transport in petroleum, petrochemical and other areas.

Product Characteristics:Corrosion resistance, light weight, long service life, no easy scaling or waxing.

Specifications Sheet

Acid anhydride GRE line pipe (design as per API-15HR)

Temperature Resistant Level

Medium temperature: ≤ 65.5℃

Physical Properties

Density: 1.95 g/cm3 121.74 lbs/ft

Specific gravity:1.95

Thermal-dynamic Properties

Heat conductivity coefficient: 0.40W/m℃ (0.23BTU/ft/hr/°F)

Coefficient of linear expansion : 14×10^-6mm℃ (6.1×10-5in/in/°F)

Flow Coefficients

Hazen-Williams factor:C =150

Absolute roughness: 0.0053mm(0.00021")

Elastic Coefficients

Hoop elastic modulus:24.1GPa(3.5×10^6psi)

Axial elastic modulus:11.9GPa(1.7×10^6psi)

Poisson ratio(minimum):0.38